Excalibur Safety Vest

   Limited Warranty / Replacement (fast-track)


Limited Warranty : One year warranty against defects in vest or materials after purchase date. Our warranty does not cover normal wear-and-tear, accidents, misuse/abuse of the vest. Warranty is limited to original purchaser and does not transfer.

Excalibur Vests are built to last for intended use, normal usage reccomends replacement every 5 years, misuse or abuse not covered under warranty.

Replacement (fast-track) : Vests past warranty one year damaged due to an unfortunate accident, misuse/abuse, or just needing replacement may qualify for warranty review to offer you the best possible replacement price. Our Fast-Track program offers very appealing vest replacement costs.


Will I have to pay to get my vest replaced if it breaks or wears out?

1. The vest broke due to a defect in vest or material:

No, you will not be charged  for the replacement of the vest (within one year warranty period). You may need to cover return shipping.

2. The vest broke due to an accident, misuse/abuse, or needs replacement after warranty period:

Yes, you will be charged for the replacement , Excalibur will work to offer customers the best possible replacement price. Our Fast-Track program offers very appealing replacement costs and quick turn around priority shipping.


If your vest fails for any reason , send vest in a disposible package to :

Excalibur Warranty Service

70023 South 336 Road

Wagoner , OK   74467


If you believe your vest was defective and needs warranty review, include a note within the package describing what happened. If the vest broke due to an accident, abuse or normal wear-in-tear after warrany period you can request ''Fast-Track'' option and take advantage of affordable replacement pricing emailed for your approval . Please print and complete information below with package :

1. Name : ______________________________________________________________

2. Address : ____________________________________________________________

3. Phone & Email : _______________________________________________________

4. Proof of Purchase reciept & date : _________________________________________

5. Where vest purchased & price : ___________________________________________

6. Warranty Review or Replacement Fast-Track option : _______________________________________________________________________

Note : Excalibur Dealers are not authorized to make warranty decisions. In order for  your vest to obtain the proper warranty inspection and determination , the damaged vest must be sent to Excalibur Warranty Service . If you have questions on status of your returned vest , email  ExcaliburSafetyVest@gmail.com